Universal Woman Beauty Pageant 2022

The New Era of Beauty

Produced by Universal Fashion Ltd

Who we are

Universal Fashion Ltd is a company that respects talent and cultures of different nations, hand in hand with new communication platforms.

Our vision is to become one of the top performing companies to manage talents while offering the tools to develop them and promoting their knowledge using strategic alliances with social media platforms worldwide.

Universal Fashion Ltd a company based in London, England with offices in Hollywood California.

”Universal Woman Beauty Pageant”

We preparing to make a big announcement directly from the luxurious and modern tourist destination Dubai, in order to introduce the first reality show that people will be able to watch weekly on YouTube.

These contestants will be judged by beauty experts, and other professionals to select the finalists and the winner, those contestants selected will have the potential to become the “Ambassador” of Universal Woman.The finalists will be also selected by the public’s vote.This platform has been created under a rigorous marketing study, considering the evolution of women today in society.

Reality Show Criteria

  • Age Group: Women from 25 to 40 years
  • Status: Single, Married, Divorce, Single Mother, In Relationship.
  • Height: No Applicable
  • Weight: No Applicable
  • * Measurements in accordance with their height and healthy weight.
  • All participants are welcome, whoever wants to live the experience of being a Queen of integral beauty.
  • This contest is endorsed by the recognized Global Beauties official website, and many other international platforms dedicated to pageants and beauty products.
  • ”Universal Woman Beauty Pageant”
  • The worldwide event “Universal Woman Beauty Pageant” is a programme of activities focused on family values, promotion of diverse cultures, tourism, and respect for women.
  • The main purpose is to crown the “Ambassador of Kindness”able to transmit tolerance and togetherness among all countries in the world.
  • Our project excludes exhibiting female bodies in bikinis.
  • UWBP is a platform to develop and enhance the inner beauty and diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • During the show and the crown night the host country gets a platform to show all the qualities of its country, such as nature, tourism, gastronomy, and transport in order to attract travellers and inspire them to choose Dubai as their next destination.

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